Dear Students,

I welcome you to Yildiz Technical University, which is one the oldest higher education institutions of Turkey. I congratulate every one of you on this matter.

You have come a long and challenging way and become a student of YTU. You are here to learn, comprehend, think, question, research, produces and develop and you have been entrusted to us for those matters.

Yildiz Technical University is going out of its way to become an innovative and proactive global university, which is shaping future rising on its strong scientific tradition.

With valuable input and efforts by our distinguished faculty, it is our first and greatest priority to raise you as intellectual and entrepreneur individuals who have high level professional and scientific command; who are able to act on their own initiative; who have advanced problem-solving and leadership skills; who are critical and strategic thinkers; who can come up with practices that will make a difference; who, on the hand, are able to take advantage of the cutting-edge technology, and, on the other hand, can use their know-how and expertise in favor of human, nature and society; who have high opinions of artistic, cultural and sportive attainments.

We live in a world which is going through constant and rapid changes, where digitalization is taking over so as knowledge. That is why, we find it very important that you grow into young adults who are knowledgeable as well as being able to learn how to learn; who define yourselves as adaptive individuals; who have a high sense of self-confidence; who are brave, who have something to say and who are able to contribute to the society and humanity.

You, as the students of YTU, are tasked with working for the sake of shaping the future as well as understanding and foreseeing it. However, it is our duty to give you everything we have in assisting and supporting you for that matter.

I hereby congratulate you a productive and happy campus life full of achievements and extend my sincerest regards.

Prof. Dr. Tamer YILMAZ

The Rector