An Achievement by Wind Energy Student Club

An Achievement by Rüzgâr Enerjileri Kulübü

Racing Aeolus, which is the 3rd greatest activity in the area of Renewable Energy and held in the Netherlands, was attended with 9 vehicles by 8 teams from the countries such as Canada, Germany, Denmark, England and the Netherlands. Rüzgâr Enerjileri Kulübü (REK) of Yıldız Technical University achieved %70,64 efficiency, which is the 5th best efficiency in the contest, in the Racing Aeolus Contest, where REK was the only team from Turkey. The team’s %38 last year performance doubled resulting in the highest rate of efficiency in the history of teams taking part in the contest from Turkey.

REK18, which weighs 120 kg, yielded a wind speed of 9 m/s with a propeller revolution per minute of 1160.

Rüzgâr Enerjileri Kulübü made the designs of the REK18’s body, chassis, transmission, wing and diffusor along with the efforts by the team members.