Yıldız Technical University’s mission is to become a pioneer on a national scale and competitive in the international area. Playing an active role in solving problems in the world and contributing to welfare of the country, Yıldız Technical University is an innovative and proactive university that has the appropriate equipment and competence needed in the digital age. Within this frame, quality policy of our university aims at reaching the targets through application of the following approaches;

  • Providing competitive advantage focused on Research Development, innovation and entrepreneurship at the international level.
  • Managing the changes through proactive approaches
  • Initiating cooperation among university, public and industry, and interdisciplinary works
  • Owning a free, open, questioning and result oriented research culture
  • Adopting an accessible, transparent, fair and accountable administrative mentality
  • Committed to environmental sustainability principles
  • Protecting ethical values
  • Being learner-centred
  • Encouraging lifelong learning
  • Caring about social responsibilities
  • Having strong communication with the graduates
  • Embracing institutional heritance
  • Maintaining continuous improvement and development activities


Prof. Dr. Tamer YILMAZ