YTU Racing Team

YTU Racing Team whose members are Yıldız Technical University students gives ultimate performance in Formula Student races.

YTR-04 Gear Up!
YTU Racing Team, whose members are Yıldız Technical University Students, shows extraordinary performance in Formula Student races where many teams compete from all over
the World.
A first-time success in Turkey: One Season, Three Races!
YTU Racing Team, has also appeared on track in Czech Republic and Hungary this year in addition to the race in Germany last year. We are proud of our YTU Racing Team as they have
successfully completed all the stages in all the races they have appeared in. YTU Racing Team placed 8 th in endurance event and 5 th in acceleration event at Euroring in Hungary. In other events, YTU Racing Team took home a solid 8 th place overall. After Hungary races, in Czech Republic at Autodrome, YTU Racing Team placed 4 th in acceleration event – 0 to 100 in 4,06 seconds and took home 14 th place overall. YTU Racing Team placed 20 th in Formula Student Germany this year after placing 41 st at Hockhenheim which also hosts Formula 1 races last year.
YTU Racing Team rose 100 places up with YTR-04, the 4 th vehicle that was designed and manufactured by YTU Racing Team Members, and became the best Turkish team on the list.
Always Keep Going!
YTU Racing Team has already started the teamwork for YTR-05 designing and manufacturing process. Aiming at better engineering and performance, YTU Racing Team has full confidence in
serving the country at their best in the upcoming season.