YTU Achievement in Solar Decathlon Africa Competition

In Solar Decathlon Africa Competition which was organised by The U.S. Department of Energy in Ben Guerir, Morocco in September 2019, Team Bosphorus representing Turkey and consisting of Hamdi ERGÖK, Talha ÖZ, Ece KALYONCUOĞLU, Merve DERİNPINAR, Seda KUNDAKÇI, Avni YILMAZ, Elif Nur TEPE, Bekir SÜLEYMANOĞLU, Derya DİKBIYIK, Recep TUNA, Berrak Ecem OZAN under the mentorship of our faculty members Prof.Dr. Özden AĞRA and Dr.Mustafa Kemal SEVİNDİR ranked first with the scores 99, 91, and 96 in the categories of “Innovation”, “Engineering and Construction”, “Communication and Social Awareness”.

Solar Decathlon, which was held in 2002 for the first time, and intended for students, is a design competition in which buildings that are sustainable, ecological, and produce the energy they consume compete. The competition aims to form social awareness in the subjects of energy consumption and sustainability, and to contribute to technology and industry, professional training, science and academia with innovative materials produced during the competition.

Team Bosphorus consists of undergraduate, graduate and PhD students from different disciplines of YTU and ITU: architecture, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, industrial products design, interior design, and landscape architecture.

In the competition, which was held in Ben Guerir, Morocco between August-September 2019, 18 teams built their projects in Green Energy Park which is under the auspices of Morocco King VI. Muhammed.

Projects were evaluated in the areas of innovation, architecture, market potential, comfort and health, energy balance, sustainability, engineering, domestic life, household appliances, communication and social awareness.

During the competition, which lasted for 40 days, the team got the highest score in each category that was evaluated over 100 points, and received the awards in these categories. ReYard House came in first in three categories and received prizes.

The competition process is over; however, detailed information about the team and their projects can be followed on their social media accounts.

Instagram: sdateambosphorus

Facebook: Solar Decathlon Team Bosphorus

e-mail: info@sdateambosphorus.com